Preliminary wind tunnel survey results for a vortex generated by a flat plate

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Kuenn, Aaron D.
Kliment, Linda K.

Aaron D. Kuenn and Linda K. Kliment. "Preliminary Wind Tunnel Survey Results for a Vortex Generated by a Flat Plate," AIAA 2022-3306. AIAA AVIATION 2022 Forum. June 2022.


Preliminary results of wingtip vortex surveys in the midfield wake of a flat plate wing of with AR = 6 at Rec between 1.7 x 105 and 2.6 x 105 are presented. Wake surveys using a conventional 7-hole probe were conducted at 17 combinations of angle of attack, dynamic pressure, and downstream location. Comparisons of the experimental data with laminar and turbulent axisymmetric vortex models suggest the trailing vortex has a consistent turbulent structure despite the moderate vortex-circulation Reynolds number.

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