2017-05-08 Faculty Senate meeting

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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate. Agenda and minutes of the meeting of May 8, 2017. Includes annual reports. -- Faculty Senate Meetings, 2016-2017, v.30

Table of Content
Agenda: YMCA Feedback forum / Dr. Teri Hall -- (President's report) -- (Committee reports): a. Executive Committee -- b. Planning and Budget Committee -- c. Library -- d. General Education Committee annual report -- (Old business) -- (New business): a. Teaching Evaluation Policy, second reading -- b. Weapons Policy Syllabus Statement -- Concealed Carry Policy: The Kansas Legislature has legalized concealed carry on public university campuses --c. Graduate Faculty policy / Dennis Livesay -- d. YMCA feedback - Teri Hall -- (As may arise)
Attachments: 2nd reading: Teaching evaluation policy -- Tobacco free campus implementation: timeline -- Revision to Graduate Faculty structure & process to identify members / Dennis Livesay
Minutes: Summary of action: 1. Accepted the report from the Executive Committee -- 2. Accepted the report from the Planning and Budget Committee -- 3. Accepted the report from the Library Committee -- 4. Accepted the report from the General Education Committee -- 5. Accepted the Teaching Evaluation Policy Statement -- YMCA Feedback Forum with questions and comments / Terri Hall -- (President's report): 1. Provost's evaluation survey -- 2. Planning for Ombudsperson Training in September -- 3. Shared governance statement is with the President -- 4. WSU Fee structure -- 5. MUP meeting on campus -- 6. General Faculty Meeting, May 5 topics included: i. WSU WATC Affiliation was endorsed by the General Faculty -- ii. A statement reaffirming Academic Freedom on all WSU campuses, including the WATC campus / Jeff Hershfield -- 7. Parking Garage / Troy Bruun -- 8. President's Executive Team (PET) Meeting: Discussion focused on: i. Enrollment -- ii. Graduate enrollment -- 9. YMCA voting -- (Committee reports): 1. Executive Committee -- 2. Planning and Budget Committee -- 3. Library -- 4. General Education Committee annual report -- (Old business): 1. Teaching Evaluation Policy (2nd reading) -- (New business): 1. Weapons Policy Syllabus Statement -- 2. Graduate Faculty Policy / Dennis Livesay -- 3. YMCA Feedback / VP Hall -- (As may arise): Recognized Senators who completed their term as members of the Faculty Senate / President Yildirim
Appendix. Annual reports 2016-2017 (in a separate file.)