The Sunflower, v.47, no.36 (May 28, 1942)

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Article(s): Alumni to elect officers -- Alumni banquet to be feature of commencement -- Tomlinson will head Blue Key coming year -- I.R.C. elects Isely, Megaffin, Greenberg as officers for '43 -- University bridge team is given high national rating -- Holyoke Hall sees last year of service -- Service flag to honor university alumni serving in armed forces -- Chiuminatto is awarded honor -- Bookstore issues locker refunds -- Crum is transferred -- University has all-American rifle winner -- Caps, gowns will be distributed -- Enoch visits campus -- Costello killed in airplane crash -- Distribution of 1942 Parnassus will close today -- Nine to receive master's degree -- Senior activities scheduled -- Delta Epsilon choose members -- Anonymous phone calls are irritating to faculty members -- Special teachers to fill summer staff -- Your Sunflower ends another volume as successful year closes -- Hitler's Nazi-dominated Europe produces era of 'wild children' -- University bulletin -- Typed on a Wednesday / Fred Higginson -- Shocking news -- Collegiate world / Associated Collegiate Press -- Shocker shots / McAuley -- Poll shows that most schools have no basic military training - Position of average citizen in this war is more uncertain -- Gottschalk will go to Washington -- Grad gossip -- Former and present students announce their engagements and marriges for coming summer months -- Websters plan formal dinner dance oon Friday -- Roundabout the campus / Chatty Cathy -- McDonald heads Pi Alph fraternity -- Cotton hosiery of 1942 designed for every occasion -- Gabardine, midieval fabric, is popular new summer cloth -- Whock elects Cookson president -- Dean Wilkie will honor senior women -- Seven studes to attend Estes meet -- Jardine will hold reception honoring seniors -- Coed's diet kills rabbits -- Phi Upsilon Sigma is all-sports champion -- Gamma's four-year reign as intramural champion is broken -- Softball league tied; Playoffs set for today -- New stadium may not be completed -- Preview and review of sports / Bill Mendell -- Knight's feudal art of fencing retains glamour as a sport -- Library has books for army and navy -- Prophet, Sigs' senior intramural manager tops point standings -- Gym shorts / Earline Duke -- Downtown unit nears record goal -- Prominent faults in written work are listed in report
Photograph(s): Heads Blue Key: Warren Tomlinson, junior member of Phi Upsilon Sigma, who has been elected president of Blue Key for the 1942-43 school year. p. 1 -- They give athletes a break: The two men chiefly responsible for the new athletic housing policy for University athletes are President W.M. Jardine, left, and Ralph Graham, director of athletics. p. 1 -- Sororities and fraternities select new presidents: Suzanne Gay, Alpha Tau Sigma; Jean Humphrey, Epsilon Kappa Rho; Carolyn Johnson, Delta Omega; Virginia Randle, Pi Kappa Psi; Roberta Wertz, Sorosis; Harold Brammer, Phi Upsilon Sigma; John Megaffin, Men of Webster; George Purnell, Alpha Gamma Gamma. p. 3 -- Lyle Sturdy: Junior Shocker sprinter. p. 4 -- Don Hollar: The Shockers' sophomore weight man. p. 4
The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.47, no.36, Wichita, Kansas, May 28, 1942. - 4 pages
University of Wichita
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