Numerical comparison of negative damping bounds in a specified domain when the wave speed varies

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Najafi, M.
Sarhangi, G.R.
Sawan, M. Edwin

Najafi, M.; Sarhangi, G.R.; Sawan, M.; , "Numerical Comparison of Negative Damping Bounds in a Specified Domain when the Wave Speed Varies," American Control Conference, 1992 , vol., no., pp.2156-2157, 24-26 June 1992


The energy decay of a self-excited wave equation utt - c2 ¿ u - P(x)ut = 0 is studied where the wave speed c is greater than one, P(x) ¿ 0, and P(x) L¿(¿), ¿ ¿ ¿ Rn. Moreover, the relationship between two bounds for negative daming P(x) is a determined domain is shown (n=1,2). Finally some numerical experiences for different P(x) and c are presented for domain ¿ with energy absorbing boundary.

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