The Sunflower, v.75, no.16 (October 27, 1970)

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The Sunflower: Our 75th year of editorial freedom, v.75 no.16. Wichita, Kansas, October 27, 1970. - 8 pages
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Article(s): Violations found: Safety board hearings end -- Nader denounces FAA bureaucracy / Michael Betz -- Sunflower interview: Nader attacks food industry / Richard Hill -- Afro-American program not affected: Multi-ethnic program studied / Michael Betz -- Women's seminar scheduled -- Congresswoman will speak Friday on equality and women’s status / Brenda Lechner -- Agnew unjust to Americans -- Nixon's Southeast Asian policy -- Letters to the editor -- View from Hill’s side / Richard Hill -- Course designed to help teachers: Classroom techniques taught / S.K. Bartley -- Mysticism week opens -- Guest performance by Pappa John: 'Airplane' gets standing ovation -- Wants Frazier as next foe: Muhammad Ali TKO's Quarry in third round -- "Second Season" opens successfully for Shocks
Photograph(s): Ralph Nader, consumer crusader, spoke to about 6,000 persons In Henry Levitt Arena Monday afternoon. His topics ranged from unsafe cars to unfit food. / Photo by David Henry. p. 1 -- This week's Sunflower Sweetheart is Eileen Kent, University College-1. Eileen Is an English major and is also a sports buff. She likes to swim and enjoys skiing on both snow and water. p. 2 -- Catherine E. Myers, University CoMege-1, was happy to give blood Monday while the Red Cross Bloodmobile was parked in front of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity house. The Phi Delt sponsored drive netted 36 pints of blood; a spokesman said they plan another drive this spring. / Photo by David Henry. p. 5 -- Sunday's performance of the Jefferson Airplane, including a dazzling light show, entertained about 5,000 persons at Henry Levitt arena, arena. Gracie Stlick [sic], left; a lead guitarist, center; special guest Pappa John Priest, right; and the remaining members of the group presented a lengthy concert that was concluded by the audience giving the group a standing ovation. / Photos by David Henry. p. 6 -- Wichita State quarterback Rick Baehr seems to be running out of room as three Arkansas defenders close in for the tackle. The Shockers lost the game 62-0. / Photos by David Henry. p. 8 -- Freshman cornerback Jack Fisher trips up an Arkansas running back in Saturday's game at Little Rock. The Shockers had three freshmen starting on the defensive unit against the ninth ranked Razorbacks. p. 8
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The Sunflower
v.75 no.16
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