The Sunflower, v.73, no.54 (July 2, 1969)

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The Sunflower, v.73 no.54. Wichita, Kansas, July 2, 1969. - 8 pages.

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Article(s): Bombing, disruption occurs near campus -- Members of 'C-A Coalition’ picket Wichita Draft Board -- Agnew blames Viet critics for uncompromising enemy -- 'University crisis’ topic for lecture -- Pronko's new book surveys vast psychology panorama -- 'The Rainmaker’ set for Thursday opening -- Illinoisan selected chariman of WSU English Department -- Nation’s greatest wealth is health, says Richard / Bob Jordan -- 'Amoral Education' topic for Zumwalt -- Greep gloats -- Sunflower review: Lizzie has dreams answered / Paulette Edmiston -- There's more good than bad in education system - Sowards / Elaine Records -- Denver festival turns into gasser / Bob Garvey -- Movie review: Constant activity, ever-changing pace, talent coordination make 'Oliver’ sing / Ruth Durch -- Two new groups will stage Sunday concert at Riverside / Bob Garvey -- Hew exhibit makes debut at gallery -- President relates University plans -- Fun planners begin new term of office -- Kiser's Korner / Mike Kiser -- Richard lauds Ryun as best in history.
Photograph(s): Down draft: Members from the Christian-Atheist Coalition picketed Local Selective Service Board 68 Tuesday to protest the draft. p. 1 -- Did you say fire?: Sunflower Staff Writer Ruth Durch was distracted from her work Thursday morning when firemen bounded through the newsroom en route to a fire in Wilner's fallout shelter. But the fire waqs only smoke. p. 1 -- Fitness advocate: Rev. Bob Richards discusses the idea that "an investment in physical fitness is an investment in America's youth." p. 3 -- Heat begins: Predictions about the long hot summer could be coming true if the smashing of windows at the Penthouse above and the Gentry Shop are any indication of events to come. p. 4 -- Soward speaks: It would be a tragedy of this 'old' educational system were to be taken over by either the left or right political wings. p. 5 -- WSU centennial float depicts growth: The WSU float in Sunday's Pageant of Progress Centennial parade shows the three stages of growth of the University. Founded in 1895, as Fairmount College, the school became a municipal university in 1926. In 1964, it joined the state system as WSU. p. 6 -- 'Greatest in history': Jim Ryun, world record holder in the mile, was defended Tuesday by Olympic champion, Bob Richards. p. 8
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