James R. Mead, an early pioneer

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Klepper, Madaleine G.
Rydjord, John, 1893-1994

This work is to tell of one of the pathfinders and pioneers who blased the path of civilization through the region called the "great American Desert" . Mr. James R. Mead was one of the outstanding leaders in the opening of the central part of Kansas. Many parts of the country which were hitherto unknown were explored by him and became the homes of countless numbers of sturdy farmers.

Table of Content
Preface -- Table of contents -- Frontispiece -- Mr. Mead's Ranch at Towanda -- Map -- Introduction -- Early life of James R. Mead -- Exploration of Saline River -- The drought of 1860 -- First home in Kansas -- Founding a home in Butler County -- Experiences on the Little and Big Arkansas -- A winter's hunt -- Life and industry along the Arkansas River in the early 60's -- Mr. Mead in Kansas history -- Bibliographical note -- Bibliography
Thesis (M.A.)-- University of Wichita, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Dept. of History