The Sunflower, v.81, no.16 (September 29, 1976)

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The Sunflower, v.81 no. 16. Wichita, Kansas, September 29, 1976. - 8 pages.

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Article(s): WSU to honor victims -- Theologian finds city surprising: 'this part of the country is far ahead of other places' / W. E. Turner -- Tenant survey: Board rates local housing -- Gutsy reservations clerk herds room requests / Dan Close -- Student dean named -- Students win scholarships -- Senate abuses power / Marvin Rau -- Ford unplugs electric car / Jack Anderson -- American String Quartet opens Guest Artist Series -- Women in Love captures sensitivity of sexuality / Kevin Edwards -- Prisoners gain yardage -- Scenes shown: Set designs staged -- Viola soloist performs with orchestra -- Non-credit courses open -- Inexperience floors Shocks -- Personal awards won in defeat / Ric Lee -- University record / edited by Elizabeth P. Clark -- WSU keglers split results / Debbie Topham -- Women’s tennis team shutout in Lawrence
Photograph(s): Watch your step!: The eyes might confuse the feet before the mind could decide whether to step down or from the top landing of this shadowed stairwell in Jardine Hall. / photo by Gary Sharer. p. 1 -- [Jerry] Irish. / photo by Marsha Phelps. p. 1 -- [Rich] Conlon. / photo by Marsha Phelps. p. 2 -- Whack!: No. 1 seeded WSU tennis player Teresa Lahey extends fully to smash this high-flying tennis ball back across court. p. 8