The Sunflower, v.65, no.26 (January 6, 1961)

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.65, no.26, Wichita, Kansas, January 6, 1961. - 4 pages

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Article(s): Booster trip off, on again -- Chicago tribune awards go to military students -- Skiers scarce -- Sales slated for 'greater' Mikrokosmos -- Pre-registration completed as 3,559 students enroll -- NSF grant to engineer -- Urban center post filled by graduate -- Sink, Collier will head Sunflower -- Reach Wilson Fellow finals -- Editorial views: Good going, Shocks; Anderson's woes -- 'Ideas in Action': TV series features Joan O'Bryant -- Debate trip slated to Amarillo, Texas --Billikens host Shock cagers / Bob Young -- In Valley scoring, free throws, rebounding...Ron, Lanny, Gene rank high -- Center Cinema books free shows -- 6 campus teacher-thespians star in 'The Visit' tonight
Photograph(s): Displaying obvious pride over their All-College Tournament trophy are seven members of the Shocker basketball team with Head Coach Ralph Miller. Kneeling left to right, are Ron Heller, Jerry Kittiko, Gene Wiley, and John Gales. Standing, left to right, are Lanny Van Eman, Ernie Moore, Virgil Brady, and Coach Miller. / photo by Bill Bidwell. p. 1 -- A $12,000 grant from the National Science Foundation was recently awarded to Howard B. Hamilton, a member of the School of Engineering faculty, for advanced studies. p. 1 -- Jim Collier (left) and Vaughn Sink pause after being selected to head the Sunflower next semester. Sink will serve as editor-in-chief and Collier will become managing editor. / photo by Bill Bidwell. p. 1 -- Joan O'Bryant. p. 2 -- Profs take up acting: What looks like a faculty meeting is actually a group of University educators during a Community Theatre rehearsal break. The group, which will appear in 'The Visit' Jan. 5, 6, and 7, at the Commons Auditorium, includes, seated from left, Dr. Paul Swartz, Dr. Martin Rolf, Dr. John Millet, and Dick Welsbacher. Standing are Dr. Gerald Markley and Dr. Tom Hamilton. The role of professor in the play was assigned to non-faculty actor-C. Henry Nathan. / photo by Teresa Blaes. p. 4