Changes in oviducal vascularity during the reproductive cycle of three oviparous lizards (Eumeces obsoletus, Sceloporus undulatus and Crotaphytus collaris)

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Masson, G. R.
Guillette, Louis J.

Journal of reproduction and fertility. 1987 Jul; 80(2): 361-71.


Histologically derived estimates and ink suspension vascular casts were used to examine oviducal vascular changes. Vascularity peaked during gravidity and was correlated with maximal plasma progesterone concentrations. The vascular increase in the oviducal tissue was attributed exclusively to increased capillary densities. The greatest change occurred in the anterior uterus where incubation and egg shell secretion occur. Similar patterns of change in vascularity occurred in the infundibulum, although not as extreme as that seen in the anterior uterus, whereas no significant alterations were noted in the posterior uterus. These modifications mimic the pattern of vascular change occurring in viviparous lizards during simple placentation. We suggest that major changes in uterine vascularity may not be required for the evolution of simple chorioallantoic placentae in lizards.

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