The Sunflower, v.73, no.32 (February 21, 1969)

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College newspapers and periodicals , Wichita (Kan.) -- Newspapers , Student publications , Wichita State University -- History , Beer on campus , Committee for Student Rights , Physical Plant , Employee grievances , Society for Prevention of Assinine (sic) Student Movements (SPASM) , Steppenwolf
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Article(s): Tuesday Senate meet airs abscence [sic] ruling / Ron Crotty -- Social Clinic volunteers aid children -- CSR to apply for approval -- SPASM schedule protest; To have "Milk-in ” Monday -- Use of leisure time discussed at Community Goals Conference -- Italian scholar warns WSU of European market problems -- Wilson scholars, speculate about chosen occupations -- Czechoslovakia invasion discussed by WSU geologist at Issues '69 -- Sue, Sam finalists presented at game -- Steppenwolf to highlight rock show -- Stumbling block -- Campus identity -- Officials repress protesters -- Request for mini-skirted coeds -- Students establish direct lines with State Board of Regents / Bob Jordan -- $17.2 million WSU budget request gets Regents approval for 1969 / Bob Jordan -- Employees to present grievances -- Termites, facilities, money, personnel, KMUW woes -- Pentagon forecasts draft call decrease -- Educational television offered to WSU by Sunflower Network / George McHenry -- Newman Seminar set for weekend -- Across the nation: University professors cop out on protest movement - Shocker socialights: AWS week, top Shocker activity -- Alpha Phi, Kappa Sigma discuss requirements for Greek members -- Wichita woman lawyer says to live full life / Mogie Langston -- Afro clothes, jewelry offered in new shops -- AWS outstanding women honored at 1969 banquet -- Should students ask what is going on? / Derek Shearer -- Flying Club helps people get license / Phil Lepak -- Bulldogs score greatest tally; Humiliate Shock cagers 120-94 -- Baby Shocks trip Central JC 74-63 -- Contracts signed by 28 players at Royals Camp -- Tracksters to match Sooners; Hot, tight contest expected.
Photograph(s): This week at WSU it's been a helluva a week for news. p. 1 -- Show prep: Casey the chimp gives his Chihuahua pal, Champion Caesar, a helping hand with its grooming prior to appearance at the Cruffs Dog Show in London. p. 2 -- Novelene Ross. p. 3 -- Mike Hackenberg. p. 3 -- Rock group to appear: Steppenwolf it will be featured at a concert Sunday at Century II. p. 5 -- Disrepair: Bricks fall from the walls: tape is used to hold up crumbling plaster at WSU's radio station. p. 9 -- Off balance jumper: WSU's Greg Carney takes aim for two in Thursday clash with 2nd MVC ranked Drake. p. 14 -- Drake deadeye: Willie McCarter manuvers [sic] around WSU opponent to score two of his 27 points. p. 15 -- John Kornelson. p. 16
The Sunflower, v.73 no.32. Wichita, Kansas, February 21, 1969. - 16 pages.
Wichita State University
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