2016-03-07 Faculty Senate meeting

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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate. Agenda and minutes of the Election meeting of March 7, 2015. -- Faculty Senate Meetings, 2015-2016, v.29

Table of Content
Agenda: (Updates) -- (President's report) -- (Committee reports) -- (Old business): i. Election Update / Carolyn Shaw -- ii. Rules Committee / Bayram Yildirim -- (Old business): i. WATC update / Tony Vizzini: a. Faculty Report -- 12-7-16 -- ii. Crisis Management/Weapons Possession Policy Committee -- iii. Short term objectives -- iv. Long-term objectives -- (New business): i. Transfer and Articulation Process / Gayle Veldtman
Attachments: Report of the WSU Faculty Advisory Committee for the Proposed WATC-WSU Alliance
Minutes: Summary of action: 1. Accepted the following Senate Standing Committee members: Education -- Aaron Rife, General Education & Janice Ewing, Undergraduate Research; Engineering - Ramazan Asmatulu, Academic Affairs, Deepak Gupta, Faculty Affairs & Shuang Gu, Undergraduate Research; Scholarship & Student Aid Health Professions-Betty Smith-Campbell, Faculty Support, Elaine Steinke, Library & Kathy Strattman, Rules; LAS Humanities -- Jeffy Hayton, Alt, Court of Academic Appeals & Brigitte Roussel, UAEC (appt ends 2017); LAS Math Keith Gray, Library; LAS Social Sciences Dan Close, full, Court of Academic Appeals & Fred Besthorn, Faculty Affairs; University Libraries -- Rachel Crane, UAEC -- (Updates): Innovation campus partnership -- (President's report): Council of Faculty Senate Presidents (CoFSP) meeting topics: a. Weapons issue -- b. Establishment of meetings with the Council of Government Relations Officers -- c. Faculty involvement (input/participation) in course transfer and articulation and cut scores -- (Committee reports): a. Elections and nominations -- b. New appointments -- (Old business): i. WATC update / Tony Vizzini: a. Faculty Report, 12-7-16 -- ii. Crisis Management/Weapons Possession Policy Committee -- (New business): a. Transfer and Articulation Process & Cut Scores / Gayle Veldtman -- (As may arise): AAUP spring meeting will take place March 25th to address conceal carry, faculty tenure, union or not / Senator Dehner