More press corrections in Lucrece (1594)

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Connor, Francis X.

Connor, Francis X. 2012. More press corrections in Lucrece (1594). Notes and Queries, v.59 no.4 pp.530-531


EDITORS of William Shakespeare’s Lucrece have identified twelve press corrections in the poem’s first edition, which was printed by Richard Field and published by James Harrison in 1594. William George Clark and William Aldis Wright, who edited the poem for the 1866 Cambridge edition of Shakespeare’s works, appear to have been the first to collate multiple copies of the first edition of the poem, and they first recorded the press corrections at lines 24, 31, 50, 125/6, 1182, 1335, and 1350. Hyder Rollins discovered corrections at lines 162 and 396 in his 1938 New Variorum edition, and G. Blakemore Evans’s 1974 Riverside edition first identified a correction at 1832. In 2005, Hardy Cook published his discovery of an additional correction at line 1118, and his note offers a convenient summary of the extant press corrections.

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