Proceedings of the 2010 International IEMS Conference, Cocoa Beach, Florida, March 8-10, 2010

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International Conference on Industry, Engineering, and Management Systems

Proceedings of the 2010 International IEMS Conference. Ed. Nabeel Yousef. Cocoa Beach, Florida U.S.A. March 8-10, 2010


This book features the proceedings of the 16th Annual International Conference on Industry, Engineering and Management Systems (IEMS'10) held March 8-10, 2010 in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Proceedings includes 30 papers presented at the conference.

Table of Content
Inventory Control of a Manufacturing/Remanufacturing System Using Neural Network / S. Sebnem Ahiska and Russell E. King -- Force Depletion Mechanics as an Evaluation Tool for Mobile Agents / Jeremy Kackley, Paulus Wahjudi and Dia Ali -- Yahoo v. Google: Usability Testing / Shaina Holder, Mohammad Alkahtani, Hassan AlSalem -- A Longitudinal Statistical Analysis of the U.S. Health Care System and Associated Costs / John Wang, Ruiliang Yan, Bin Zhou and James Yao -- Relating White Papers Using Word Frequency and Clustering / Daniel Bond, Lacy Duckworth, James Ross, and Nan Wang -- A Study on the Implementation of a Novel Entrepreneurial Training Services Program / S. Ann Becker and Robert Keimer -- A Benchmarking Study to Identity Best Practices in Curriculum Vitae Construction / Renee C. Colletti -- A Study of Healthcare Quality in the US and Saudi Healthcare Systems / Emad Abualsauod, Ahmad Elshennawy and Karla Moore -- Is the Telecommunications Department an Organization Within an Organization? / Stephen Frempong -- Why Modulations in Telecommunications Technology? / Stephen Frempong -- BEMD-Based Image Processing: A Novel Approach to Color Image Edge Detection and Analysis Using Cubic Spline Interpolation / Isaac K. Gang and Dia Ali -- Assessing an Organization's Transition to Lean / Sushil Shetty, Paul Componation, Sampson E. Gholston, and Dawn Utley -- An Industry-Academia Partnership for the Design of a Robotics Technology Curriculum / Pauline Mosley, Yun Liu, Jayfus Doswell and S. Keith Hargrove -- Healthy, Efficient, and Affordable Lunch System (HEALS) a Decision Support Tool for School Cafeteria / James Jacobs, Paulus Wahjudi and Dia Ali -- Statistical Analysis on C-5 Aircraft Pod Panel Damage / R. Radharamanan and Jeng-Nan Juang -- Optimizing Outbound Logistics for Weitzen Paper Company / Rayvin Julien, Shannon Kirk, Audreen Robinson, Tiffany Williams -- How do Aspiring Vocation Instructors Improve the Relevance of Their Courses? / Douglas Marsh -- The Relationship between Oral Class Participation and Computer Mediated Communication with a Student's Gender and Ethnicity / Syed Shahzad Naqvi -- The Effects of Different Stimuli on Procrastination / Sergey Popkov and Konnie Kustron -- Design of LED Backlighting System for Aircraft Cockpit Displays / Jeng-Nan Juang and R. Radharamanan -- Selecting a Course Management System-Decision Making at Medium Sized Public Universities / Upasana Raina -- Engineering Leadership: Team Teaching, Team Learning / Douglas Reed, Jerry W. Samples -- Evaluation of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Inventory Management for St. Cloud State University Library / Murali Lakshman and Hiral A. Shah -- A Study of Students' Utilization of the Tools for Online Communication and Collaboration / Daniela Todorova -- Theory to Practice: How One Technology Management Student Implemented a Final Project in "The Real World" / Joe Bauer -- Particle Swarm Optimization for Location Problem / M.Yoshikawa and J.Morita -- Testing and Analysis of the Fatigue Properties on Bone Cement: A Collaborative Project / Lory Anne E. Reyes and Alexandra Schönning -- Multi-Generational Descriptions and Marketing / M. Brian Thomas and Levent Baykut -- The Implementation of TRAX and How Technicians Effectively Participate in an Integral Diagnosis Communication and Training Program / Jos Pieterse, Thijs Homan and Jan Ulijn -- Multi-Generational Descriptions and Marketing / Kaylene C. Williams, Al Petrosky, Edward H. Hernandez, and Robert Page
Published in SOAR: Shocker Open Access Repository by Wichita State University Libraries Technical Services, May 2022.
The IEMS'10 conference committee: Nael Aly (Conference Co-Chair); Ahmad Elshennawy (Conference Co-Chair); Alfred Petrosky (Program Chair); Adel Ali (Program Coordinator); Nabeel Yousef (Publications Editor)
Includes author index.