Problems in developing academic library collections

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Schad, Jasper G., 1932-
Tanis, Norman E., 1929-2010

Schad, Jasper G., and Norman E. Tanis. Problems in Developing Academic Library Collections. New York: R.R. Bowker, 1974.

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Orpha's on the warpath -- You've got the books and i've got the media -- It's not as simple as you think --I'll see what i can do --There's just no way to do this -- Just a bunch of old fuddy-duddies -- I just don't know what they want -- We've got a good thin going -- But what about the students, professor reid? -- Surely there must be some mistake -- You've wasted a lot of our money -- It's time to put an end to this -- It's going to take a lot of books to get accredited -- The half millionth volume--one too many? 00 "Why duplicate?" -- "They are biased, immoderate, and will probably mislead our students" -- "Like atomic energy, teacher power can be used for many purposes" -- A great issues collection in thirty days -- "A plan for battle" -- "Maybe they'll give up someday" -- "Instant deadwood" -- An election year -- A balanced collection -- "Sometimes I wonder whether it was worth it" -- "It looks like we need to make some changes" -- "The question is 'how'?'" -- "Everybody's going to have to justify his existence" -- "We've got to put things in perspective" -- "They both look good" -- "I wonder what we're really looking for?"
The problem cases in library acquisitions and collection development discussed by two experienced academic library administrators.
Jasper G. Schad has served as Professor, University Librarian and Dean of the Wichita State University Libraries for 28 years (1971-1999). He earned Bachelor in History from Occidental College (1954), Master of Arts in History from Stanford University, California (1957), and Master of Library Science from University of California at Los Angeles (1961). Before joining Wichita State University, Dean Schad has worked at California State University, Northridge as Social science librarian, head or library acquisitions, assistant professor of history and associate director of the University Libraries (1961-1971.)