Proceedings of the 2013 International IEMS Conference, Cocoa Beach, Florida, March 25-27, 2013

dc.contributor.authorInternational Conference on Industry, Engineering, and Management Systems
dc.contributor.editorYousef, Nabeel
dc.descriptionPublished in SOAR: Shocker Open Access Repository by Wichita State University Libraries Technical Services, May 2022.
dc.descriptionThe IEMS'13 conference committee: The Association for Industry, Engineering, & Management Systems (Sponsor); Nael Aly (Conference Co-Chair); Ahmad Elshennawy (Conference Co-Chair); Alfred Petrosky (Program Chair); Nabeel Yousef (Publications Editor)
dc.description.abstractThis book features the proceedings of the 19th Annual International Conference on Industry, Engineering and Management Systems (IEMS'13) held March 25-27, 2013 in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Proceedings includes 23 papers presented at the conference.
dc.description.sponsorshipSponsor: The Association for Industry, Engineering, & Management Systems
dc.description.tableofcontentsAn Expert System of Meg Whiteman's Knowledge (Current CEO of Hewlett-Packard and Former CEO of Ebay) / Robert L. Mullen -- An Expert System of Steve Wozniak's Knowledge (Co-Founder of Apple Computers) / Robert L. Mullen and Richard A. Bassett -- Perspectives on "Adoption;" A Re-examination of Trait Innovativeness Measures / Al Petrosky, Kaylene Williams, Edward Hernandez and Robert Page -- Design of Power Inverter for Solar Energy System / Jeng-Nan Juang and R. Radharamanan -- Does Socializing Result in Community Passwords? / Deborah S. Carstens and Randy Stockman -- Effects of Engineering Student Grades on Graduation / Christopher Crook, Martin Joubert, Jerod Nothcott, and R. Radharamanan -- Effects of QWERTY Keyboard Typing Proficiency on the Learning of Typing with a Dvorak Keyboard / Zongliang Jiang -- Engineering and Engineering Technology Degrees - Where is the Bridge? / Stephen Frempong -- Engineering Management Creating Individuals with a Mind for Business and a Heart for Engineering / Saeed Foroudastan and Brigette Prater Thompson -- Enhancing the Six Sigma DMAIC Methodology for Online Inventory Control / Emad Abualsauod, Christopher D. Geiger, and Narasimha R. Nagaiah -- Framework for the Analysis of Government Incentives in the Development of Solar Energy Projects under Conditions of Uncertainty / Michael Landsberger -- Impact of Leadership Transition on Innovation / Ahmed Elattar, Muyuan Li, Wilawan Onkham and Luis Rabelo -- Industrial Automation: Teaching PLC Class in a Hybrid Format / Andrzej J. Gapinski -- Introducing a Hybrid Business Process Mapping Model - A Comprehensive Framework Derived for the IDEF0 and Flow Chart Methods / Yousef A. AL-Turki -- Manage the Disadvantage of Working from Home / Ahmed A. Bakhsh -- Mold Development for Acrylic Bone Cement Specimens / Jonathan Neal, Zachariah Logan, Jacob Henderson, Alexandra Schönning and John Kirkpatrick -- Quality and Productivity Assessment in Pakistani Organizations / Muhammad Usman Aslam, Ali Ahmad -- Role of Higher Education and Experience on CEO Performance / Stella Painter and Gordon W. Arbogast -- Storm Information Report Emergency Network (SIREN) / Shawn Cheeks, Paulus Wahjudi and Kevin Law -- Taguchi Analysis for Optimizing the Arc Welding Process / J. S. Sutterfield, Paul Nkansah, Jadira Clark and William J. McIntosh III -- The Effect of Religion Upon Purchasing Behavior of Mature Consumers / Charles L. Evans, J. S. Sutterfield, Paul Nkansah, Raeven J. Davis, Brad L. Miller -- FEM Development for Above the Knee Prosthesis / Emanuel Wong and Alexandra Schönning -- Use of Tekscan Hardware for Biomedical Engineering Research / Jacob Henderson and Alexandra Schönning
dc.format.extent158 pages
dc.identifier.citationProceedings of the 2013 International IEMS Conference. Ed. Nabeel Yousef. Cocoa Beach, Florida U.S.A. March 25-27, 2013
dc.identifier.issn2690-3210 (print)
dc.identifier.issn2690-3229 (online)
dc.publisherIndustry, Engineering & Conference Management Systems Conference
dc.relation.ispartofseriesProceedings of the 2013 IEMS Conference;v.19
dc.rights.holderCopyright The Association for Industry, Engineering, and Management Systems (AIEMS), 2022.
dc.subjectAutomation/Intelligent Computing
dc.subjectComputer Engineering
dc.subjectConstruction Management
dc.subjectDecision Making in Management and Engineering
dc.subjectDecision Support Systems
dc.subjectEducation and Training
dc.subjectGlobal Business Education
dc.subjectHuman Computer Interaction
dc.subjectHuman Engineering
dc.subjectIndustry and Academia Collaboration
dc.subjectLean Six Sigma
dc.subjectLogistics and Transportation Management
dc.subjectManagement Information Systems
dc.subjectManagement & Organizational Behavior
dc.subjectManagement of Technology
dc.subjectOperations Management
dc.subjectProduction Planning and Control
dc.subjectProject Management
dc.subjectPublic and Non-Profit Organizations
dc.subjectQuality Management
dc.subjectSimulation and Modeling
dc.subjectStatistical Quality Improvement and Control
dc.subjectSupply Chain Management
dc.subjectTechnology Commercialization
dc.titleProceedings of the 2013 International IEMS Conference, Cocoa Beach, Florida, March 25-27, 2013
dc.title.alternativeInternational Conference on Industry, Engineering, and Management Systems (2013 : Cocoa Beach, Fla.)
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