Book review: Research methods in human skeletal biology

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Moore-Jansen, Peer H.

Moore-Jansen, Peer H. (2013), (2013), Research Methods in Human Skeletal Biology. Edited by Elizabeth A. DiGangi and Megan K. Moore. Waltham, MA: American Journal of Physical Anthropology, vol. 152:no. 4:pp. 569


Textbooks or readers in skeletal biology, particularly instructional materials providing insight into the study of the biological attributes of human variation in the context of varied social and ecological circumstances, are essential to teaching (biological) anthropology. In Research Methods in Skeletal Biology, DiGangi and Moore seek to bridge what they identify as an apparent gap between relevant introductory and advanced literature to guide students in scientifically based research in skeletal biology, specifically addressing advanced undergraduate to first year graduate students, in scientifically based research in skeletal biology.

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