1966-10-24 University Senate meeting

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University Senate. Agenda and minutes of the meeting of October 24, 1966. -- University Senate Meetings, 1966-1967, v.3
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Agenda: Approval of minutes of the meeting October 10, 1966 -- Appointments and nominations / Mr. Cowgill -- Report of Committee on Committees / Mr. Harder -- Report on functions of Research and Publications Committee and recommendations / Dean Breazeale -- Consideration of recommendation that the editor of University Publications be made an ex officio member of the Research and Publications Committee -- Report of management policies of the Campus Activities Center / Mr. Glenn -- Other business
Minutes: Meeting called to order / Mr. Cowgill -- Introduction of new Senate members Mr. Graham, Mr. Miller, and Mr. Paulson -- Announcement of the nomination of individuals to the ad hoc Committee on a Student Court of Appeals -- Names recommended to be submitted to President Lindquist for selecting individuals as faculty representatives on the Board of the Campus Activities Center -- Appointment of Miss Phyllis Burgess as chairman of the Student-Faculty Committee on Student Representation on University Committees -- Recommendation that Mr. T. Reese Marsh serve as Chairman of the Committee on the University Faculty Handbook while Mr. Martin Reif is on sabbatical -- Recommendation to appoint Mr. Gerald Loper to the Scholarship and Student Aid Committee and Mr. Paul Tasch to the Honors Committee -- Names of individuals recommended by the Committee on Committees to constitute the ad hoc Committee on Preventing Conflicts of Interest in Research -- Report of the Research and Publications Committee / Dean Breazeale, Chairman of the Research and Publications Committee -- Mr. William Glenn, Director of the Campus Activities Center, to speak about recent public criticism of the food services
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