Increasing efficiency of data caching using bloom filters in ad hoc wireless networks

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Taylor, Julinda
Tang, Bin

This project studies improvements to Ad Hoc Wireless networks. An Ad Hoc Wireless network is composed of many mobile nodes that move in and out of the network. The devices are designed to be mobile, so they are generally small and have limited power, range and data caching abilities. Data caching provides extended or faster access to data in the network by maintaining replicas of data in strategic parts of the network. Current research in the area of Data Caching does not manage space efficiently. Testing and monitoring of this work is accomplished using a Network Simulation package, NS2, to simulate the network activity. This project adds a Bloom Filter, a fast, space efficient and probabilistic method for looking up data, to the current caching scheme. Our results will be comparisons between the network performance with regards to time accessing data, reliability in the network, and the overall quality of service in the network.

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The project completed at the Wichita State University Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Presented at the 6th Annual Capitol Graduate Research Summit, Topeka, KS, 2009