2001-04-09 Faculty Senate meeting

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Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate. Agenda and minutes of the meeting of April 9, 2001. -- Faculty Senate Meetings, 2000-2001, v.14
Table of Content
Agenda: (Informal statements and proposals) -- (President's report) --- (Committee reports): A. General Education Ad Hoc Committee -- B. Rules Committee - Election Update / Barbara Hodson -- (Old business): A WSU Undergraduate Certificate Programs -- B. WSU Honor Societies -- (New business): A. WSU Thesis and Dissertation Sequestration Policy
Attachments: Thesis and dissertation sequestration policy
Minutes: Summary of action: 1. Accepted the recommendation from Academic Affairs that all WSU Undergraduate Certificate Programs be submitted for review and approval to the University Curriculum Committee -- (Informal statements and proposals): Discussion of a problem regarding annual reports for untenured faculty / Senator Murphey -- Discussion of the use of the term "tenure eligible" which WSU uses in advertisements for "tenure track" vacancies / Senator Byrum -- Discussion of the meaning of the term "biannually" in the Core Performance Indicators document / Senator Hershfield -- Thayne Currie, Physics & Philosophy, awarded a Goldwater Scholarship / Senator Mandt -- -- Wonderful attendance at "Merlin" / Senator Carroll -- (President's report): 1. SGA is funding some summer scholarships -- 2. SGA, Classified, and Unclassified Senates approved Intellectual Properties document -- 3. The Capital Improvement and Planning Committee (CIPC) indicated that parking and road system improvements will cost approximately $1,000,000 less than originally thought -- (Committee reports): Rules Committee: Senate seat vacancies for Business (Accounting) and Art & Design -- Discussion of ad hoc General Education committee -- (Old business): A. WSU Undergraduate Certificate Program / President Klunder -- B. WSU Honor Societies -- (New business): A. WSU Thesis and Dissertation Sequestration Policy (1st reading)