Uncertainty of temperature measurements by infrared thermography for metal cutting applications

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Whitenton, Eric
Madhavan, Viswanathan
Donmez, Mehmet A.
Lane, Brandon

Lane, Brandon; Whitenton, E.; Madhavan, Viswanathan; Donmez, A. 2013. Uncertainty of temperature measurements by infrared thermography for metal cutting applications. Metrologia, vol. 50:no. 6:ppg. 637-653


This paper presents a comprehensive analysis of the uncertainty in the measurement of the peak temperature on the side face of a cutting tool, during the metal cutting process, by infrared thermography. The analysis considers the use of a commercial off-the-shelf camera and optics, typical of what is used in metal cutting research. A physics-based temperature measurement equation is considered and an analytical method is used to propagate the uncertainties associated with measurement variables to determine the overall temperature measurement uncertainty. A Monte Carlo simulation is used to expand on the analytical method by incorporating additional sources of uncertainty such as a point spread function (PSF) of the optics, difference in emissivity of the chip and tool, and motion blur. Further discussion is provided regarding the effect of sub-scenel averaging and magnification on the measured temperature values. It is shown that a typical maximum cutting tool temperature measurement results in an expanded uncertainty of U = 50.1 degrees C (k = 2). The most significant contributors to this uncertainty are found to be uncertainties in cutting tool emissivity and PSF of the imaging system.

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