Interactive directions for holding locations in a library OPAC

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Deng, Sai
Li, Hongfei
Deyoe, Nancy

Deng, S., Li, H. F. & Deyoe, N. (2007). Interactive directions for holding locations in a library OPAC. Refereed poster session at ALA (American Library Association) Annual Conference 2007. Washington DC. June 23, 2007.


This poster presents Wichita State University Libraries’ implementation of interactive directions for holding locations in an OPAC. This new feature can display shelf maps and specific locations in the library stacks for individual books or other types of materials including electronic resources. This poster discusses current methods in the library field to display maps for holding locations in OPAC, and how the interactive directions solution displays holdings dynamically to the item-level. It describes the programming logic of the interactive direction maps to handle complex shelving situations. This poster also addresses how to transfer data from OPAC display to a processing program, and combine them with the data from ILS Oracle tables. Use of map links which reflect this enhanced functionality will be demonstrated at ALA annual. Future possible enhancements to Wichita State University’s dynamic maps will also be discussed.

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Presented at the ALA (American Library Association) Annual Conference, Washington DC, 2007. Examples of the dynamic maps can be found at: