The Sunflower, v.65, no.43 (March 28, 1961)

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.65, no.43, Wichita, Kansas, March 28, 1961. - 4 pages
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Article(s): WU political tempo picks up -- CHANGE selects 2 candidates -- 2 parties state aims last week -- Lindquist set to speak at convocation -- 1,100 attend Military Ball -- WU expects 100 delegates for NCCJ conference here -- SGA to discuss new legislation at meeting -- Editorial views: Political policy -- The readers speak: 'Error in judgment' in recent letter / Ted Taylor -- Congratulations -- Myrna Schenck to reign over May Day activities -- WU senior given Wilson scholarship -- Spaghetti dinner benefit scheduled for April 11 -- ISA launches annual drive for members -- Bright colors spice coed fashions -- Flying club elects 4 new officers -- Cadets attend meet - Scabbard-Blade elects officers -- Percussion ensemble set for tonight -- State bowling tourney slated for CAC
Photograph(s): Top change candidates: Wood Thompson (left), and Bob Hunt will head the CHANGE party slate for the April elections. They were nominated for the offices of SGA president and vice president, respectively. / photo by Vaughn Sink. p. 1 -- Party chairmen John Price (left), of ACTION, and Phil Saunsaucie, CHANGE, discuss the upcoming election. The two students will head the campus political parties as they try to garner the student vote on April 13 and 14. County voting machine will be used for the balloting. / photo by Vaughn sink. p. 1 -- Myrna Schenck. p. 2
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The Sunflower
v.65 no.43
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