The Sunflower, v.54, no.01 (September 9, 1948)

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Article(s): Oklahoma A&M here Sept. 18: Forty-three man squad train for opener with fast Oklahoma opponent -- National Service Frat organizes guide plan -- Dr. Jardine gives advice to all students on training their minds along mature lines -- Logopedics get village -- John Brown will lecture for Forum -- Curriculum is modified -- ISA book department doing good business -- 'Little Augie' makes debut on campus -- Night speech greets frosh -- Demand for school teachers to be critical for five years -- Women's pep club will meet Monday -- New fountain room to be opened soon -- Hold law school entry tests at centers over the country -- Whee!: Party is necessary but reasons are not for Wichita students -- Medical admission tests given twice during current year -- Students choose professions without knowledge of field -- Browsers!: Popular place found for book selection in campus Library -- Kinsey report leads list of popular books at WU Library -- National Service Frat will help Mrs. Price -- 'A reporter's life is not a happy one' - Confuscious / Bill Fein -- Websters add room to fraternity house -- Bands open to students -- Final auditions are scheduled at A Cappella Choir meeting -- New course announced -- ROTC students are offered immunity from draft board -- Music group in 3rd year -- Pre-enrolled vets get early checks -- New officers begin terms in University sororities, frats -- Student registration for adult education begins on Monday -- So there!: Female given lesson in modern equality by male bus rider -- Football ticket sale climbs to new high -- 'Three Words' Jim Edwards is blowing off steam again -- Murder?: Sunflower reporter has Anthony people dying regularly -- Polly Pepper club's annual picnic Friday -- Round about the campus -- New Orleans bound students find 'Lazy River' energetic -- First exchange student asks for conversations in English
Photograph(s): Lines of eager students crowd the sectioning tables to make sure they will get class cards for all courses on their schedule. p. 1 -- Dr. W. M. Jardine. p. 1 -- Coach Jim Trimble is looking over his possible starting line in anticipation of meeting a rugged Oklahoma A&M squad, Saturday, September 18. p. 2
The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.54, no.1. Wichita, Kansas, September 9, 1948. - 12 pages
University of Wichita
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