The Sunflower, v.49, no.29 (April 27, 1944)

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.49, no.29, Wichita, Kansas, April 27, 1944. - 4 pages.

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Article(s): Class and Student Council candidates are announced -- Lieut. Bowden confers here -- Geology laboratory serves as research institution -- Flood maroons many Shockers -- Y.W.C.A. show is Wednesday -- Snaps are due for Parnassus -- McIntosh is chancellor -- Hambro is here May 19 -- Y.W. announces new cabinet -- Read, Wedel speak on math problem -- 550 students to attend music festival at W.U. -- Division will open on May 1 -- Kappa Rho total $4,114 -- Hectic stories related by victims of 'great flood' -- So far, so good -- Students are 'refugees' -- Let's be prompt -- Miller promoted to colonel -- War training is discussed -- Typed on a Wednesday / Joan O'Bryant -- Rectangle will honor Sidwell, Campus Queen -- Positions are open for camp leaders -- Highwater is in hot water again--what will happen? -- Roundabout the campus -- Alpha Tau has dance -- New at the Library / Dorothea Welsh -- American heroes / Leff -- Students will use twin-engine craft -- Music group gives recital -- Kappa Delta Pi elects officers -- Hammond writes on Army English
Photograph(s): [Joan] O'Bryant. p. 2 -- Pictured above is Miss Genevieve Sidwell, Rectangle fraternity's Campus Queen, who will be presented at the fraternity dance Friday night. p. 3