SENSES: A knowledge-based sensor selection system

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Ong, Jin B.
Masud, Abu S.M.
Eyada, Osama K.

Jin B. Ong, Abu S.M. Masud, Osama K. Eyada, Senses: A knowledge-based sensor selection system, Computers & Industrial Engineering, Volume 22, Issue 1, January 1992, Pages 1-8, ISSN 0360-8352,


A key component in any measurement and control system is the sensor. To operate reliably a sensor must meet all of the critical application specifications. Due to the myriad of factors that must be taken into consideration in a sensor selection process, it is very difficult for any user, especially those who are not familiar with sensors, to select an acceptable, cost effective sensor. This paper presents a knowledge-based system (KBS) developed to assist in the sensor selection process. The KBS runs on a micro-computer and uses a group technology coding scheme for sensor classification and fast data retrieval from an external database. The system output includes the operational and dimensional parameters of the recommended sensor as well as the price and the vendor information.

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