The Sunflower, v.79, no.15 (October 2, 1974)

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The Sunflower, v.79 no.15. Wichita, Kansas, October 2, 1974. - 8 pages
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Article(s): Organizations funded: Senate to study legal plan -- Committee to hear Bredehoft / A. J. Allen -- American inflation gnaws hole in foreign students' wallets / Kris Critzer -- Tax preparation class offered -- Dr. Blockus guests business ed seminar -- Drivers get new headache with resurfacing -- Gas tax short-sighted -- Congres regains equal status -- College newspaper editors say -- Olympic team trainer team: Demonstrates Isokinetics -- Weicker speaks today while Dole campaigns -- Investment course for rookies -- Neil Young movie is self-portrait of paradox / J. Paul Porter -- KMUW carries 'unheard' opera series Saturday -- Pianist will open series -- CC runners to Indiana Invitational -- Speaking of sports / Dave Megaffin -- Food additives may be detrimental to health -- 'Field humanists' help explore public issues
Photograph(s):If you think the parking situation is crowded now. wait until Oct. 14. Resurfacing of a major lot that week may result in a real parking squeeze for students. p. 1 -- A private memorial service is being held this morning for the victims of the October 3, 1974 air crash. / photo by Dennis Underwood. p. 1 -- Stalled autos in the parking lot compound the parking problem for University Security. p. 3 -- Lowell Weicker. p. 5 -- This recent photograph at the Shocker Gold Classic portrays a scene very much like the one to be witnessed in Bloomingdale, Indiana this week. / photo by Ginny Kahmeyer. p. 7
Wichita State University
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The Sunflower
v.79 no.15
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