The Sunflower, v.82, no.42 (November 21, 1977)

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The Sunflower, v.82 no. 42. Wichita, Kansas, November 21, 1977. - 8 pages

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Article(s): Suspect at large in painting theft -- Records keeping is vital task of Registrar’s office / Kate McLemore -- Student fees were not illegal according to Regents’ lawyer / Mike Shields -- Review: Ponty experience is intense / Mike Corbett -- Meat and potatoes / Patrick Jennings -- Benton exhibit will feature illustrations of Twain books -- Sleepy gym squad takes 2nd in opener -- Women roundballers blitzed by Missouri, 84-49, in opener / Kathy Ivy -- Dallas Cowboy Chearleaders draw fans' sighs and eyes / Kathy Ivy
Photograph(s): [William] Wynne. / photo by Dale McRae. p. 1 -- Cessna explodes: Shocker fireworks lighting the sky after the WSU-Memphis State game Saturday. The fireworks were delayed to allow a low-flying airplane to leave the area directly over the stadium. For more glimpses of the Shocker extravaganza see page six. / photo by Alan Dorow. p. 1 -- Shocker Sports Spectacular / photos by Craig Sharer and Dale McRae. p. 6 -- Into the wind: Memphis State punting into the wind with less than a minute to go in the 1st half. The punt, which was short, would have put the Shockers in good territory, but a roughing the kicker penalty gave Memphis the ball back. The three Shockers closing in on Memphis punter Hugh Owens are Mike Reichberger (43), Bryan Horn (15) and Marc Stenzel (82). / photo by Jim Snall. p. 7