On the use of enterprise models

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Whitman, Lawrence E.
Huff, Brian

Whitman, Lawrence; Huff, Brian. 2001. On the use of enterprise models. International Journal of Flexible Manufacturing Systems, v.13 no.2 pp.195-208


This paper presents the results of a field study designed to determine how enterprise models are used. The paper begins with an introduction to enterprise models then provides an overview of the survey method used. No known empirical studies have been conducted to determine how enterprise models actually are used by industry. The research is designed to answer this question. A screening sample and complete web-based survey of 72 enterprise modelers was conducted. The primary research question of this survey was on the use of enterprise models, with particular focus on the three dimensions of living models: scope, enactment, and dynamicity. Half the respondents claim that their enterprise models were of their entire division, multiple divisions, and even multiple enterprises. It is encouraging to see that enterprise models are used on such a wide scope. The enactment of the enterprise models was not as large as was expected. Of the respondents, 75% claimed that their models did not receive information from the enterprise more frequently than quarterly. The same was true for how often the models provided information to the enterprise. Seventy-five percent did not update their models more than five times (although, 32% did update the model three to five times). Finally, additional areas of research are proposed.

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