2000-2001 McNair Scholars Program: Journal of research reports

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Office of Special Programs

Office of Special Programs, "McNair Scholars Program: Journal of research reports," 2000-2001, 40 pages.

Table of Content
Congruence between Parents' Goals and School IEP Objectives for Children with Austism Spectrum Disorders / Kerry Grosch and Nancy McKellar -- Why Would You Remove Half a Brain? / Vanessa Melendez and Kore Liow -- Fullerence Receptor for Adenine, Adenosine, and ATP Recognition: Synthesis, Characterization, and Base-Pairing Studies / Hoang Tien Vu and Francis D'Souza -- Towards the Application of Artificial Proteases to Proteome Analysis by Mass Spectrometry / Marcus Barber and Michael Van Stipdonk -- The Role of Wheat Bran in the Prevention of Colorectal Cancer / De'Andre Brown and John W. Carter -- Some Problems for McDowell's Criticism of Davidson's Theory of Knowledge / Kristopher J. Duda and Deborah H. Soles -- Improving Indian Education through Cultural Awareness / Carol A. Galiza, Daisy Kabagarama, and Jerry Shaw -- Demographic and Psychological Dimensions of Voting and Non-Voting Young, Latino Adults / Delia Garcia and Reverend Andrew Hernandez -- Environment: A Determinant and Perpetuator of Substance Abuse / James Gibson and James Nevitt -- Effectively Managing Diversity in the Workplace / Pam King-Burns, Anna Chandler, and Jean Elliott -- How a Person's Beliefs about the Nature of Knowledge Affect Receptiveness to Complementary/Alternative Health Care / Carey Paul and Marlene Schommer-Aikins -- Bird Strikes and Low-Velocity Impact on Composite Structures / Errick Robles and Melanie G. Violette -- Advisors' Perspectives on Why Wichita State University Students "Stick it Out" and Graduate from College / Salyi Vu and Daisy Kabagarama