Beyond the OPAC: creating different interfaces for specialized collections in an ILS system

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Deng, Sai

Deng, S. (2009). Beyond the OPAC: Creating Different Interfaces for Specialized Collections in an ILS System. ALCTS CCS Catalog Norms Interest Group Meeting. ALA (American Library Association) Annual Conference 2009. Chicago, IL, July 11, 2009.


This presentation will discuss the speaker’s experiment of creating featured websites from specialized data in Voyager ILS in a wider context. These websites can be seamlessly integrated into public programming events and library instruction sessions to introduce local authors, featured collections and resources in a specific area and they can be faculty author books, leisure reading, new book lists and local Art Museum collection. The websites of Faculty Research Publications and Women’s Studies Video Resources at Wichita State University will be showcased. The speaker will talk about the model used to create the websites: selecting data from Oracle database, presenting SQL query results, and creating the websites using web programming for browsing and search. The option of transforming data from MARC to DC will be discussed. This model can be applied to different sets of data by slightly modifying the query, the programming and the web appearance. Some features of public websites such as linking each record back to OPAC, adding RSS feeds, Syndetic and other cover images to the websites will be addressed. Other possible approaches of creating specialized websites from Voyager data will also be investigated. Finally, the speaker will discuss disintegration of library data versus integration of library data and the pros and cons of each method.

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Presented at ALCTS CCS Catalog Norms Interest Group Meeting, ALA (American Library Association) Annual Conference, Chicago, IL, July 11, 2009.