The need for professional writing programs in higher education: a modest proposal

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Ott, Chelsea Elaine
Brooks, Christopher K.
Zoller, Peter T.

The purpose of this thesis is to explain why a professional writing curriculum would be an invaluable program to institute in American universities across the country. So many people think that because we all learn to read and write in our early years of education that anyone can do it, but the problem remains that not everyone will be good at it. We need good, strong writers in the world of business and the only way to achieve that is to provide students with an outlet for specializing and learning more about the discipline of professional writing. This thesis begins with a short history of writing instruction in American universities that will explain how liberal arts programs have evolved over the past two hundred years and how writing curriculums currently fit into that program. Once you have a better understanding of the history, I will enlighten you with my reasons for needing a specialized program in professional writing. In conclusion, I was able to develop a full-fledged plan for instituting a professional writing curriculum in the English department through a partnership between the departments of English and Communication in the college of Liberal Arts

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Thesis (M.A.)--Wichita State University, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Dept. of English