TAM + ARCS = SNT framework for higher education

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Akella, Nirupama

Akella, Nirupama R. "TAM + ARCS = SNT Framework for Higher Education." In: Handbook of Research on Fostering Student Engagement With Instructional Technology in Higher Education. IGI Global, 2020. 35-56


This chapter studies the challenge and issue of developing a sound social networking technology (SNT) framework to affect positive student engagement and consequently effective learning. The author aims to enable educational administrators, faculty, and curriculum designers to incorporate and seamlessly integrate SNT in curricula to foster effective and efficient learning. The chapter bases itself on the premise that higher educational institutions failing to develop and integrate social educational technology in their educational systems and policies will face major maintenance and existence issues. Contemporary dynamic technology, diverse learner populations coupled with different types of learning environments, and learning connotations necessitate the need for a robust SNT framework. The author researches the task technology fit (TTF) framework, discusses theories of TAM and ARCS, describes SNT of Twitter and Facebook, and uses a qualitative case study to develop and craft a SNT framework for higher education.

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