1969-1970 University Senate Library Committee meetings

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University Senate

University Senate. Minutes of the Library Committee Meeting. -- University Senate Meetings, 1969-1970, v.6

Table of Content
Library Committee: Members of the Committee
Minutes of September 18, 1969: Nominations -- Discussions on the Function of Committee -- Responsibility of Individual Departments
Minutes of October 7, 1969: Chairman, Sowards Announcements -- Congratulating Upon Election -- Stating the Views of Committee
Minutes of November 24, 1970: Approval of Meeting -- Report on the Work of Search Committee -- Report on Abel On Approval Plan --Discussion Followed About Various Effects of Abel On Approval Plan
Minutes of February 17, 1970: Approval of Meeting -- Sowards statements -- Discuss the Role of the WSU Librarian -- Applegate's Emphasis -- Committee Discussion -- Stierwalt Response -- Lee Question About Acquisitions Policies -- Stierwalts Statements
Minutes of April 8, 1970: Approval of Meeting -- Discussion on Various Phases of their Thoughts About Continuing the Search
Minutes of May 22, 1970: Approval of Meeting -- Announcements -- Dr.Breazeale Response -- Michael Epstein Recommendation -- Proposal of a Sub Committees Structure -- Discussion on Various Aspects of Budget -- Taggart Statement
Report on the ABEL Approval Plan: Library Journal -- Shipments of Approval Books Information -- Acquisitions Department -- General Library Information -- Humanities -- Science and Technology -- Social Sciences -- FY71 Library Acquisiton and Binding Budget Allocations
WSU Correspondence Annual Report of Library Committee: Establishment of Library Committee -- Report on Performance of Student Members of Library Committee -- Work of Library Committee -- Principal Points -- ABEL Plan -- Recommendations for Future Tasks of Library Committee -- Expansion of the Book Collection
WSU Letter: To Inform About Resignation as Director of Libraries