1969-1970 University Senate Corresponding Documents

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University Senate

University Senate. Corresponding Documents. -- University Senate Meetings, 1969-1970, v.6

Table of Content
WSU Parking and Traffic Regulations: Rules -- Violations -- Temporary Parking Limits -- General Regulations for Use of Bicycles and Motorcycles On Campus -- Physically Handicapped Students -- Visitors Parking -- General Procedural Statements
Nursing Curriculum: Interdisciplinary Studies Program
Reservation Form for Meeting Room: Campus Activities Center Food Service
Proposal for a Faculty Enrichment Series: Inviting Ideas and Suggestions
Fairmount College Check Sheet for Graduation Requirements: University Core Curriculum -- Communications -- Humanities -- Social Sciences -- Physical Activities -- Fairmount College Degree Requirements
Land Use Planning and Design Committee WSU: Objectives -- Jurisdiction -- Membership -- Development of the Committee Structure -- Planning Process -- Amendments to Process
A General Statement: Rights and Freedoms of Students -- Advisory Committee -- Memebrs of Committee -- Violence -- Disruption of Public Events -- Disruption of Classroom Office or Laboratory -- The Seizure of a Building -- Use of Court Injunction -- Other Procedures for Requesting Assistance -- Information Center -- Records -- Informing Faculty
Midwest Research Institute: Concerning the Inevitable Administrative Details
Facts Concerning the Campus Unrest Study and the Student Interview: Interview Questions Reported and Analyzed
Midwest Research Institute: To Persons Responding to the Campus Unrest Questionnaire -- Confidential Procedure -- Attempts Made in Designing the Questionnaire -- Student Response -- Questionnaire on Campus Unrest -- Response to Question -- Personal Data -- Note to Interviewer
Remarks to Afro-American Studies Search Committee: Afro American Studies Program -- Interview Process
Establishment of a Land Use Planning Process for WSU: Purpose -- Objectives -- Jurisdiction -- Selection -- Membership - Development of the Committee Structure -- Planning Process -- Amendments to Process
Special Five Year Program of Tutorial and Financial Assistance University of Wisconsin: Teacher Training -- Kerner Report -- Primary Objectives -- Recruitment and Admissions
Proposal for Improving the System of Grading
Minutes for the Conference of State College and University Senate Presidents
WSU Office of the Dean of Admissions & Records to the Members of the Faulty
The Knowledge and Abilities of a Master of Arts in English: Follow a Course of Advanced Study -- Restructuring of Master's Program
A Suggested Amendment to 1969 Session Laws
Document: Threatened Faculty pensions
Policies and Procedures in the Event of Disorder: General Policies --Specific Procedures to Implement the Above Policies
Agenda: Approval of Minutes -- Business Related to Fringe Benefits -- Sabbatical Leave -- Regent's Retreat -- Open Discussion
Memorandum: Discussion of Last Meeting -- Quoted the Cost Figures for Scheduled Events -- Executive Committee Agreed to Retreat
Proposal for a New University Traffic Court
Faculty Assignments to University Standing Committees: Policy Committees -- Curriculum --Admissions -- Scholarship and Student aid -- Honors -- Library -- Tenure and Welfae
Document: Afro-American Studies -- Review -- Proposed Calendar -- Fall Semester -- Spring Semester -- Summer
Senate Rules and Actions -- With Faculty Actions Relation to the Senate -- Rules of the Senate -- Technical and Advisory Committees -- Continuing Education -- Summer School -- Public Occasions -- Military Affairs -- Athletic Committee -- Teacher Education Council -- Research and Publications -- Board of Student Publications -- Selcetion Procedure -- Amendments -- Editor of University Studies -- Rules Concerning Senate Committees -- Miscellaneous Rules, Resolutions, and Recommendations
Document: Student Members of Senate Committees
Memorandum: Minutes of University Curriculum and Academic Planning
Document: Office of the Registrar -- Case Study for Exceptions Committee
Resolution for Interdisciplinary Studies
Resolution Trafic and Security Office
Exceptions Committee
Financial Aid and Scholarship Committee Minutes: Review of Previous Meeting -- Concerning the Amount of Financial Aid Award -- Policy for Minority Aid Program
Financial Aid and Scholarship Committee Minutes: Review of the Previous Meeting -- Reviewed the McGregor Account -- Two Recognition Days -- Brief Report and Summarization of University Short Term Loan Program -- Questions and Discussion -- New Scholarship Program of the SGA
Mailing List WSU: College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Document: Department of History -- Recommendation to the Next Faculty Meeting -- Advantages Gained by the Refferal -- Action of the Senate in Referring the Proposal of Afro American Studies Committee