2007-03-26 Faculty Senate meeting

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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate. Agenda and minutes of the meeting of March 26, 2007. -- Faculty Senate Meetings, 2006-2007, v.20

Table of Content
Agenda: (Informal statements and proposals) -- (President's report): A. Kansas Board of Regents March 2007 meeting: 1. Report from Citizens for Higher Education (handout to be distributed at meeting) -- 2. How to measure teaching effectiveness -- B. Higher Learning Commission Visit -- (Committee reports) -- (Old business): A. X/F Grade -- B. Proposed Chronic Low Performance policy update -- C. Proposals from Faculty Affairs Committee to the Tenure and Promotion and Professor Incentive Review Policies, Items 1 & 2: Changes to the Calendars; Items 3 & 4: Definition of "Refereed"; Items 5 & 6: External Review
Attachments: Proposed amendments to the report from the Faculty Affairs Committee 3-26-07 from Senator Vanderburgh -- Informal Statements & Proposals to the Faculty Senate / Senator Roy Myose -- What Are the Trends and Potential Pitfalls For Kansas Higher Education?: A Report from Citizens for Higher Education to the Kansas Board of Regents, March 14, 2007
Minutes: Summary of action: 1. Accepted Senator Vanderburgh's amendment to the Faculty Affairs Committee proposal for changes to the Tenure & Promotion policy -- (Informal statements and proposals): Teacher evaluations and copies of statement to the Senate / Senator Myose -- Concern about the university travel policy / Senator deSilva -- International travel funding is no longer handled at the University International Travel Office but is to be directed to the department and college / Betty Smith-Campbell -- (President's report): Distributed slides from Citizens for Higher Education for a report to the Kansas Board of Regents, March 2007 -- Reported on proposal from the Regent's regarding the need for teaching effectiveness measures -- Thanked the senators for attending the HLC faculty meeting -- (Committee reports): Asked committee chairs to provide her a brief summary of the interim status of the committees and read a brief report from the Exceptions Committee / President Roussel -- (Old business): A. Proposed X/F Policy / President Roussel -- B. Proposed Chronic Low Performance Policy / VPAAR Miller and Ted Ayres -- C. Proposals from the Tenure and Promotion Committee from Faculty Affairs Committee -- (As may arise): Faculty input needed for letter to Kansas Board of Regents as part of evaluation of President Beggs / President Roussel -- Math Conference hosted by WSU the weekend of the 31st of March / Senator Lancaster