1971-1972 Corresponding documents of the University Senate

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University Senate

University Senate. Corresponding Documents of the University Senate. -- University Senate Meetings, 1971-1972, v.8

Table of Content
University Senate committees recommendations: University traffic court -- University traffic policy committee -- Scholarship and student aid committee -- Tenure and welfare committee -- University curriculum and academic planning committee -- Research and publications committee -- Student faculty relations committee -- Library committee
Format for new program proposals: Format for course proposals and course changes -- Relation to other courses -- Special or additional resources and personnel required -- Departmental justification for this course --Approval form
WSU summer workshops of 1971: Financial analysis of summer workshops -- Beginning cash balance --Summer workshops -- Expenditures -- Net results -- Ending cash balance
Attendance at professional meetings and conferences: National meetings
Summer leisure guide: Distinguished speakers series -- Events schedule -- Cultural opportunities -- Recreation areas
Summer session WSU: About the university -- Admission requirements -- Campus activities center -- Career planning and placement center -- Living accomodations -- Student health service -- Library science -- Cultural and recreational activities -- Evening program -- The WSU program --Residenence defined
Document: Assistant to the secretary of the university senate schedule
Format for new course proposals: Identifying and descriptive information -- Analytical information -- Departmental justification for this course
University Senate committee on committees: Replacement appointments to the standing committees
Senate committee reports schedule
University Senate standing committees: Policy committees -- Curriculum -- Admissions -- Scholarship and student aid -- Honors -- Library -- Tenure and welfare -- University traffic -- Technical and advisory committees -- Athletic -- Public occasions -- Research and publications -- Military affairs -- Student faculty relations -- Teacher education council -- Court of student academic appeals -- Traffic court -- Committee on committees
WSU correspondence: Members of the special policy committee on academic tenure and promotion -- Committee members
Board of regents members
Amendment to report: Ad hoc review committee
By laws of WSU physical education corporation: Artilcle I Section 5 Members of university academic staff
New faculty orientation -- Faculty personnel record form