OPAC redesign at WSU Libraries

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Li, Hongfei
Deng, Sai
Li, H. F., Deng, S. & the OPAC Redesign Committee at WSU Libraries (2007). OPAC redesign at WSU Libraries. Kansas Library Association Tri-Conference. Topeka, KS, March 13, 2007.
This program presents the OPAC enhancements especially two pioneer features developed by the WSU Libraries, dynamic map direction for each item on OPAC, and a link to Amazon.com added to provide users with access to each book’s location, book reviews, cover image and publishing information. It discusses the redesign process including: the OPAC Committee's investigation of new voyager features, examination of the current OPAC based on usability guidelines, comparison of different OPAC systems from various university libraries, listening to opinions given by reference librarians and library staff, and library-wide user surveys and user tests. It will also show how a blog is used to coordinate committee and library-wide activities and opinions.
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Presented at the Tri-conference, Topeka, KS, April 13, 2007.