Design-oriented functional capacity evaluation: the available motions inventory--a review

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Malzahn, Don E.
Fernandez, Jeffrey E.
Kattel, B. P.

Disability and rehabilitation. 1996 Aug; 18(8): 382-95.


The accommodation of a task to the unique abilities of an individual with a disability is becoming increasingly the responsibility of the employer. Functional capacity evaluation (FCE) provides the information necessary for rational design decisions when modifying work stations. The currently used FCE systems have been designed to assess an individual's performance for a range of reasons other than industrial task accommodation. The Available Motions Inventory (AMI) is a system that has been developed specifically to address the design issues raised when accommodating an industrial task to a person with a neuromuscular impairment. This system has a unique scoring system that allows intra-individual ability comparisons that support task allocation decisions. Some general principles of task design are developed for persons with cerebral palsy, but the strength of assessment lies in its application to a specific individual performing a specific task.

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