The Sunflower, v.61, no.41 (March 19, 1957)

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.61, no.41, Wichita, Kansas, March 19, 1957. - 4 pages

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Article(s): Action taken on grade point indexes: 'C' average rule passed by faculty -- SC urges groups to itemize needs -- State aid funds cut two-thirds; amended bill may net WU $360,000 -- Arnold Air visits base -- Career Day planned for March 28 -- 'Don Juan' program set -- Art department head feels at home in new position / David Calico -- Education junior to head Wheaties -- New officers named for AWS -- Probation hits 806 first term -- 2nd semester records show 5,026 enrolled at University -- New activities center 'to have everything' -- Place 318 on honor roll -- Shocks choose best opponents -- WU hosts AA tourney -- Shockers win 15, lose 11 -- 'Mural finals -- Intramural bowlers meet at Sky-Bowl
Photograph(s): Since winter came: Spring isn't far behind or at least it wasn't Friday with an onslaught of warm weather. Three coeds in the sun are Mary Frances Watson and Carolyn Hildyard, Liberal Arts sophomores, and Barbara McIlree, Education sophomore. p. 1 -- Dr. John Simoni. p. 1 -- The ground floor of the Campus Activities Center will feature the following facilities: 1.) a college store; 2.) lobby area; 3.) recreation facilities; 4.) dining area and kitchen; and 5.) terrace. [illustration] p. 2