Music scores: Retroconversion or recataloging?

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Weiland, Sue

Weiland, Sue 1992. Music scores: Retroconversion or recataloging? Technical Services Quarterly, v.10(1); pages 61-71


Many libraries across the country are planning proj­ects to convert the manual records for their music scores into ma­chine-readable form. Although the typical problems of music retro­spective conversion are well documented, music librarians must also consider the quality of the paper records which will be used to find matching records in the bibliographic utilities. The paper records may not contain the kind of bibliographic information needed to determine if a matching record exists, especially if past cataloging practices with regard to music scores diverged from accepted nation­al norms. In some libraries, what is called ''music retroconversion'' might be more aptly termed ''music recataloging.'' Libraries are encouraged to do a trial project to discover the characteristics of their manual records before choosing a method for the "retroconver­sion" of music scores.

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This article provides information about history or Wichita State Music Library and conversion of the manual bibliographic records for music scores to the digital MARC records.