The Sunflower, 1926-1927, no.13, December 10, 1926

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.21 no.13. Wichita, Kansas, December 10, 1926. - 8 pages
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Article(s): Elmer Pierce is elected the 1927 football captain: Fullback selected by letter men to lead team next year to victory -- Museum receives gift from citizens -- Delinquent student is reminded of duty to Fiske Hall decorations -- Members chosen for debate squad: Women's debate team will meet seven other colleges -- Six delegates to attend national Y.M. and Y.W. meet: Student Council, Y.M and Y.W. to back delegates to quadrennial convention -- Mrs. Mahin in charge of advisors at meet -- Othello -- W.U. Dean of music will return soon: Thurlow Lieurance and his party have had extensive concert trip -- Players present Othello tonight at high school: Proceeds from production will go to A.A.U.W. Scholarship Fund -- Two Wichita students in Rhodes competition: Final selection for this signal honor will be made December 14 -- Biological Dept. receives slides: Microscopic material to be used by zoology and botany class -- Legs, arms and oaths rent the icy air as boys fall for co. eds. [sic] -- History of united traditions -- Beauty section for 1927 Parnassus -- Holyoke Hall girls entertain friends: Christmas decorations and refreshments feature first party of year -- Spanish students give original talks -- Pi Alpha Pi -- Sorosis -- Teams are honorees at dinner tonight -- W.H.S. alumni to hold dinner Dec. 27 -- Miss Wilkie to be hostess at tea -- Alpha Gamma Gamma -- LeCercle Francais holds meeting Mon. -- Psi Tau Delta -- Second joint dinner held by Y.M. - Y.W. -- Stimpson-Durrill -- Increased bus fares! -- Milwaukee Convention -- Honor system -- Too many Ferns -- Wichita Ministerial Association meets 12-6 -- Delta Omega -- The widow had a daughter; And the widow Smith has soon, so! -- Girls rifle team receives challenge: Gettysburg College team asks for match to be held in March -- Well be good -- Those clever freshmen -- W.U. basketball prospects bright: New material added to the squad makes competition keener for letter men -- Grid grindings -- The new captain -- Wichita Shockers hold third place: Only two Emporia teams better the Wichita Wheat Shockers record -- W.U. basketball squad to play: Wichita Shockers quintet to meet Alva Normals in practice game Dec. 16 -- Spanish Club to have costume party: Spanish games, music and dancing will be feature of the evening -- Dr. Taylor advocates the smaller colleges -- Cuirt college comments -- What we want Santy to bring us -- The men behind the fun
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The Sunflower
v.21 no.13
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