The Sunflower, v.63, no.14 (November 4, 1958)

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.63, no.14, Wichita, Kansas, November 4, 1958. - 4 pages

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Article(s): NBC news analyst blasts '58 campaign -- 'Barber of Seville' to be produced in English by campus opera group -- President defends professors' rights -- Shocks cage Wildcats / Jim Collier -- Vice-President congratulates WU on its Fieldhouse / Milt Brantley -- Editorials: Faculty rights ; Sad day for WU -- Letters to the editor: Rap council anonymity -- Phi Sig mascot seeks learning -- Alpha Gamma Gamma: Former lit club now local fraternity -- Speaks Spanish, too: Dorm has new head resident -- 'Death of a Salesman' tryouts in progress -- MARS elects '59 officers -- 20 fall pledges announced by business frat -- Prof to speak at Soc meeting
Photograph(s): Backstage: George Anderton, Student Forum Board president, talks with David Brinkley, NBC Washington news analyst, backstage in the Commons Auditorium before his speech Friday night. Mr. Brinley opened the Forum Board speaking series. / photo by Lloyd Tomberlin. p. 1 -- Big smile: Vice-president Richard Nixon smiles broadly as he approaches the speaker's rostrum in the Fieldhouse. Members of the University Angel Flight salute the vice-president as he walks between their lines. He delivered a speech here Thursday night as a part of his nation-wide political tour. / photo by Lloyd Tomberlin. p. 1 -- Canine 'student': The Phi Sigs' mascot, Podunk, has [illegible] right into the spirit of things by trotting to classes with some of [illegible] masters. Gene Paluzzi, left, and Gene Barrell, are pictured with 'new student.' / photo by Lloyd Tomberlin. p. 2 -- Alpha Gamma Gamma: The fraternity living room is shown in this picture. The large trophy on the television set is awarded to an outstanding member each year. / photo by Lloyd Tomberlin. p. 3