The Sunflower, v.66, no.45 (April 3, 1962)

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College newspapers and periodicals , Wichita (Kan.) -- Newspapers , Student publications , Wichita State University -- History , O'Bryant, Joan, 1923-1964
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Article(s): SGA election slate officially released -- WU radio to air elections -- Schuman talk set tomorrow -- Student court to discuss 'unfair action' -- Accountants receive gift for $500 -- Peace Corps testing set for April 21 -- Folklore limelighted, O'Bryant wins acclaim -- Glen attends 'Union' meet -- Pet problem arises -- Interfest builds 'good will' / Catherine Bingert -- Pep tryout set -- Editorial views: New political low; Apathy's yardstick? -- The readers speak: PSP charges Ballast with 'complacency' / Bana Kartasasmita -- Small world revisited / Gary Brown -- Dr. Crum appointed to audit committee -- Foreign study applications now available -- Campus capers / Susan Crane -- Army Coeds announced 8 new officers -- Accountants grant awards -- Peace theme in next reels -- 'Arms, man' plays in-round April 12-14 / Betty Beaver -- Ball, Chain meets
Photograph(s): Miss Joan O'Bryant, folksinger honored nationally. p. 1 -- Military Ball Queens (left) Terrie Grim, Army Queen, and Mary Ridgeway, Air Force Queen, were crowned Friday night at the Cotillion Ballroom by Gilbert Shockey, ROTC Cadet Colonel, and Leon Krantz, AFROTC Cadet Major. / photo by Tom Doan. p. 3
Articles in Collegiate Digest April 1962: Making the college scene -- Wearwithal: A survey of what they're wearing and where, from our special campus fashion panel. -- How you wear it is what counts -- Moment of truth / Al Erisman -- Coast to coast wardrobe guide: A survey of what college men are wearing in every section -- College sweater panel passes on new trends -- Getting around to it -- Making book -- Off the record -- Girls on the go: National College Queen finalists model styles in the '62 look of studied simplicity and neatness; and for those odd-about moments
Photographs in Collegiate Digest April 1962: Cheerleader at University of Brideport, Kathy Normandy of Beacon, N.Y. was New England College Queen in 1961, a Dans scholar (highest-honors), Dean's list, and Theta Epsilon sorority. p. 2 -- Patriotic student at Heidelberg University develops character by dueling, is more concerned with nose than chest. p. 2 -- Fraternal grip between Kappa Alpha brothers at Davidson College, N. Carolina, unites U.S. Secretary of State Dean Rusk and Herschiel Sims Jr. of Charleston, W. Va. p. 2 -- Cerebral John York, a Kansas State University junior, designs three dimensional chess set. p. 2 -- Patriotic Bobbie Sue Elder of University of Florida poses at Silver Springs for beautification of the State. p. 2 -- Uncaptioned photograph of individuals walking across a college campus with a bell tower in the background. p. 3 -- 7-picture story showing a college-age man calling a girl on the phone for a date: "Roomie, I'm going to get a date!" "This is the hardest part." "Uh...hello Joan? How about tonight?" "'re busy tonight." " about tomorrow?" "GREAT! I'll pick you up at seven!" "It was nothing...I have her eating out of my hand." p. 4 -- Uncaptioned photograph of a person in a patterned sweater standing in front of a rectangular table filled with people. ; Tommy Johnson (U. of Ga.) ; Left, Lou Livingston (Yale) right Larry Kaluzny (Wayne State U.) ; Mike Weingart (U. of Houston) ; Jack Hardy (U. of Okla.) ; Bill Adams (U. of Cal.) ; Tommy Johnson (U. of Ga.). p. 7 -- A view of Cutler Hall in the winter looking through the new Class Gateway completed a year ago. p. 8 -- The new Class Gateway to the Ohio University Campus Green is shown looking from the patio of the John C. Baker University Center, completed in 1954 and recently named in honor of retiring president Dr. Baker. p 8 -- Dr. Vernon R. Alden and his wife, Marion, look out over Ohio University's East Green dormitory area. Dr. Alden took over as president of Ohio University January 3, 1962. p. 8 -- The Ohio University Campus Green in the spring. p. 8 -- Patricia Weaver, '1961 National College Queen,' of Wilson College, Chambersburg, Pa., wears frosted wool and orlon dress in electric shades of pink, blue, or turquoise. p. 10 -- Patricia Weaver goes casual in this outfit, but retains a tone of neatness and charm p. 10 -- Ann Frandsen, 'Western College Queen,' from you-see-where [Weber College] in Ogden, Utah, models a dress belted with large patch-saddle pockets. p. 10 -- Marsha Thompson, 'Rocky Mountain College Queen,' from Montana State College, in Bozeman, Montana, chooses simple, smart, and figure flattering lines. p. 10 -- Eunice Young, 'Southern College Queen,' from that college there [High Point College] in North Carolina prefers the tailored look with jacket, pleated skirt. p. 10 -- Casual and yet sophisticated cotton jacquard in snappy pullover; Quilting parties wear fireside dress, left and right, square necked jumper in the blue and green checks, bright brass buttons; Wide-wale corduroy in slim tapered pants, and sleeveless box jacket; Campus favorite with a touch of extra dash, via over-shirt of bold stripes; Redingotes will be this spring. And dig the lace doilie on the lad on the left. p. 10
"Arms, Man Slated April 12-14 See Page 4"
The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.66, no.45, Wichita, Kansas, April 3, 1962. - 16 pages
University of Wichita
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