Bit level synchronized MAC protocol for multireader RFID networks

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Namboodiri, Vinod
Pendse, Ravi

Namboodiri, Vinod and Ravi Pendse. 2010. Bit Level Synchronized MAC Protocol for Multireader RFID Networks. EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking, Volume 2010, Article ID 956578, 15 pages


The operation of multiple RFID readers in close proximity results in interference between the readers. This issue is termed the reader collision problem and cannot always be solved by assigning them to different frequency channels due to technical and regulatory limitations. The typical solution is to separate the operation of such readers across time. This sequential operation, however, results in a long delay to identify all tags. We present a bit level synchronized (BLSync) MAC protocol for multi-reader RFID networks that allows multiple readers to operate simultaneously on the same frequency channel. The BLSync protocol solves the reader collision problem by allowing all readers to transmit the same query at the same time. We analyze the performance of using the BLSync protocol and demonstrate benefits of 40%–50% in terms of tag reading delay for most settings. The benefits of BLSync, first demonstrated through analysis, are then validated and quantified through simulations on realistic reader-tag layouts.

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