Controversy and diversity: LGBTQ titles in academic library youth collections

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Williams, Virginia Kay
Deyoe, Nancy

Williams, Virginia Kay, and Deyoe, Nancy. (2015) Controversy and Diversity: LGBTQ titles in Academic Library Youth Collections. Library Resources and Technical Services 59(2): 62-71.


Academic libraries supporting education and library science programs collect youth literature to support courses that teach students to evaluate and use books with children and teenagers. Although children's and young adult literature with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) content is often controversial, this literature is being discussed in both the education and library literature. This paper discusses the literature on LGBTQ youth literature, explores the extent to which academic libraries supporting education and library science programs collect recently published LGBTQ youth literature, and concludes that academic librarians responsible for youth collections should evaluate their LGBTQ holdings to ensure that they are meeting the needs of future teachers and librarians for access to these books. The paper offers suggestions for assessing collections, locating LGBTQ youth titles, and updating selection procedures to build a more inclusive collection.

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