2006-11-27 Faculty Senate meeting

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Faculty Senate. Agenda and minutes of the meeting of November 27, 2006.. -- Faculty Senate Meetings, 2006-2007, v.20
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Agenda: (Informal statements and proposals) -- (President's report): A. General Faculty Meeting: Chronic Low Performance proposed policy -- B. November Board of Regents meeting -- (Committee reports): A. Rules / Silvia Carruthers -- B. Executive Committee: Faculty parking protection / Ramona Liera-Schwichtenberg -- Faculty passes to some WSU Sporting events: Larry Spurgeon -- (New business): A. Ravi Pendse, Associate Vice President & Chief Information Officer, AA&R -- State of Technology at WSU including Computer Security
Minutes: Summary of action: 1. Accepted the nomination of Kathy Lewis to be Senator at Large with appointment ending June 2007 -- (Informal statements and proposals): a. Comment regarding the necessity of assuring that there is a common understanding that the Policies and Procedures Manual of Wichita State is "The Law" in terms of expectations of faculty / Senator Lancaster -- b. Comments regarding diversity at Wichita State being in the news lately / President Roussel -- c. Reminder to Senators that it is important for them to communicate with their constituencies and to report to the Senate on issues the faculty think need to be addressed / President Roussel -- d. Request for input regarding the impact of deferred maintenance on the accomplishment of WSU’s academic mission / President Roussel -- (President's report): a. Proposed policy on Chronic Low Performance -- b. November Board of Regents meeting: i. Performance Agreements -- ii. Operational efficiency/energy conservation -- iii. Concerns regarding Qualified Admissions at BOR schools-- (Committee reports): a. Rules / Senator Carruthers -- b. Executive: Protection of Faculty Parking and making available to members of the faculty free passes for various University events -- c. Academic Affairs issues to address: i. F/X grade policy -- ii. Plus/minus grading -- iii. Concerns regarding the hiring conditions and pay base of temporary instructors -- d. Faculty Affairs issues to address: i. Need for Commencement to occur after finals -- ii. Tuition Assistance Program for immediate dependents of faculty -- iii. The definition of the electorate needs to be clarified and consistent throughout the FH as well as in P&P -- e. General Education Committee: Moratorium on proposing new courses this year so that the can catch up with the backlog in reviewing existing courses -- (New business): a. Report on the status of technology at WSU / Associate Vice President Pendse
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