2010-04-26 Faculty Senate meeting

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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate. Agenda and minutes of the meeting of April 26, 2010. -- Faculty Senate Meetings, 2009-2010, v.23

Table of Content
Agenda: (Informal statements and proposals) -- (President's report) -- (Committee reports): A. Standing Committee Annual Reports: 1. Court of Academic Appeals -- 2. Executive Committee -- 3. Faculty Support -- 4. Honors: Proposal from the Honors Committee -- 5. Planning and Budget -- B. Rules Committee: Standing committee appointments / Fritz Hemans -- (New business): A. Foundations of Excellence statement: The following statement is the proposed language that has been recommended for approval by the FOE task force. The intent is to have all three Senates “approve” the statement before forwarding to the President for his final decision. Once this is complete, the plan is for the statement to be included in an appropriate place within the catalog, utilized in admission’s materials for new students and serve as a central feature of the Office for Faculty Development and Student Success’ mission."Wichita State University is strongly committed to providing a quality experience for all students in their first year of enrollment. This commitment includes continual improvement of policies, programs, and services to facilitate academic success and personal growth; providing foundational educational experiences and creating a culture that supports first-year enrollees' aspirations; encouraging students to actively engage in campus life; and helping first-year enrollees at WSU to participate in a multicultural global community.” / Keith Pickus
Attachments: Annual report / WSU Court of Academic Appeals -- Annual report / Executive Committee -- Annual report / Faculty Support Committee -- Annual report / Honors Committee --Preliminary proposal to revise Honors requirements -- Annual report / Planning and Budget Committee -- Status Update on Foundations of Excellence Action Items / Keith Pickus -- Foundations of Excellence: Executive Summary
Minutes: Summary of action: 1. Reviewed Faculty Senate Standing Committee Annual reports from Court of Academic Appeals, Executive Committee, Faculty Support Committee, Honors Committee & the Planning & Budget Committee -- 2. Accepted Faculty Senate Standing Committee appointments: Academic Affairs: Prakash Ramanan, Engineering -- Faculty Affairs: Will Klunder, LAS Humanities -- Library: Bill Henry, LAS Humanities -- Rules: Barbara Hodson, Health Professions; Daniel Bergman, Education; Julie Bees, Fine Arts -- Scholarship and Student Aid: Jodi Pelkawski, Business; Suzanne Tirk, Fine Arts; Undergraduate Research: Larry Whitman, Engineering -- (Informal statements and proposals): Nominations for Officers and for members of the Planning & Budget Committee will be accepted until May 3 / VP Skinner -- (President's report): Statement on recommendation for discontinuance -- (Committee reports): A. Faculty Senate Standing Committee annual reports: Court of Academic Appeals, Executive Committee, Faculty Support Committee, the Planning & Budget Committee --Honors Committee / Clyde Stoltenberg-- B. Rules: Nominations / Fritz Hemans -- (New business): A. Foundations of Excellence update / Keith Pickus