1975-04-14 University Senate meeting

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University Senate

University Senate. Agenda and Minutes of the Meeting, April 14, 1975. -- University Senate Meetings, 1974-1975, v.11

Table of Content
Agenda: Meeting called to order -- Informal proposals and statements -- The approval of the minutes of the meeting of April 7, 1975 will be at the first following the April 14 meeting -- Orders of the day -- Unfinished business -- Committee reports -- New business -- Adjournment
Senate attachment: Nominations to fill vacancies on standing commitees of the university senate
Senate attachment: Proposal for a field major in womens studies
WSU correspondence: Current status of womens studies courses
Recent developments in womens studies: Spring enrollments
WSU Department of English: Final report of the ad hoc committee -- Proposal to establish a field major in womens studies for fairmount college of liberal arts and sciences -- History of proposal -- The need for a program in womens studies -- Recent growth of interest in the area -- Enrollment in womens courses -- Prospective students for the program -- Catalog description -- Womens studies under field major -- Womens studies main entry -- Lower division courses -- Upper division courses -- Administration of program -- Special or additional resources required -- College programs -- Participating faculty
Senate attachment: Report to university senate on policy decisions and traffic regulations of the university traffic policy committee -- Final report and recommendations from ad hoc fact finding committee
WSU attendance: Senate roll
Minutes: Agenda -- Curriculum committees proposal -- Discussed the nominations from committee on committees -- Traffic committee report -- Paske's statement