The Sunflower, v.81, no.87 (May 11, 1977)

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The Sunflower, v.81 no. 87. Wichita, Kansas, May 11, 1977. - 12 pages

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Article(s): Graduates, kings of the academic jungle -- Students turn to pulp mills in paper chase: Penalties severe for violation of academic ethics and the law / Neil Cook -- Shocker Club: It’s quiet, relaxed and controversial / Mary Angelee Smith -- Film seizure rated top WSU news event / W. E. Turner -- Truman scholarship won -- Journalism chairperson heads east -- Senior students honored -- Psychic workshop still open -- University record / edited by Elizabeth P. Clark -- All-sports award: Shocks still have chance / Steven Shaad -- Beckham California bound / Kathy Ivy
Photograph(s): Neil Cook. / photo by Alan Dorow. p. 5 -- It’s a: Hannes Zacharias (left) and friend, Daedalus, clowning for the camera last fall. Zacharias was later elected SGA President Daedalus, however, looks the same today; gazing skyward in search of his next visito [sic]. / photo by Marsha Phelps. p. 5